First Time Business Loan: Get Your First Business Loan With These Three Easy Ways

There are many types of loans in small and medium industries that business owners can choose in times of need. Sometimes some businesses last for years, are established and then they take a big loan for a big investment, project or acquisition. It is easy to get a loan for such a business. Many times, it is not easy for small and medium industries to take their first loan and it becomes a very difficult task for the entrepreneur.

a strong credit score, many years of business experience, steady revenue and profits etc. These are the things that the bank considers before approving the business loan. But some businessmen do not have such a strong side in their favor and they have to struggle a lot to get a loan. According to banks and other lending institutions, there is a big risk in funding small businesses. They are uncertain whether the business will run successfully or will close in a few years. Therefore, it is a matter of concern that the loan amount will be returned or it will have to be included in the category of bad loan. But businessmen need not be disappointed. Since there are many such institutes, who like to take chances by giving loans to small and medium businessmen. Only a few parameters need to be met for this.

Credit score

A business can get a small business loan based on his personal credit score. Just like a person can get personal loan, car loan, student loan based on credit score, he can do it for his business. A lender with a credit score finds out how reliable the businessman is.

It is considered safe to think that the person who follows the law and is responsible for his personal financial matters, will show the same attitude in business as well. In this way, a good personal credit score opens the doors for businessmen to get business loans. A poor credit score limits their options. A businessman can build a better credit score by paying off all his debts on time.

Loan amount

A businessman should take a wise decision regarding the loan amount. In such cases, people think about taking more loans because the more funds available, the more easily the business will run. But keep in mind that this additional debt also falls on your head. The business owner should have a business plan, which contains information about the initial capital needed and how much money is needed. If you do not give any specific reason to the lender, then they can come and go in giving the loan. Similarly, if the reason is not good and there is something that the business cannot bear, then again the lender will be suspicious.

There are many reasons for taking a business loan such as setting up machinery, rent, payroll, starting fees and inventory etc. A businessman should never take an excessive loan because in the end it is a loan.

Apply online with the correct documents

Banks, financial institutions and other loan agencies are very supportive of small and medium industries. To avoid trouble, all business owners must submit some basic documents. Every loan agency has its own guidelines. Therefore, the demand for documents of every institute can be different. But usually this list includes the Certificate of Incorporation, Audited Financial Statement for the last 3 years, List of Shareholders, Information of Directors and Partners, IT Return or Wealth Tax Assessment of last 3 years, Sales Tax Returns of last 3 years or Valuation, ID Proof of Partners and Directors, Passport Size Photographs of Guarantors, Directors and Partners, Resume and Net-worth of Partners and Directors, Documents of the place where the business is, Government Order for Commercial Use of Premises, Site Map of the land , Blue print of building plan, Architect’s estimate of building, Estimated budget given by suppliers for plant and machinery in case of manufacturing unit, Marketing plan, Copy of acceptance letter in case of any existing loan facilities, SSI Registration certificate, NOC of Pollution Department, Proof of clearance and imposition of power, Project report, Employee list of managers and technical staff, Flow chart of manufacturing process, Collateral sick Securities include lease or sales deed, detailed information of properties and any kind of cooperation agreement.

If taking a business loan for the first time, then the business plan is an important part of the paperwork. The business plan helps the lending institution to understand that the business is ready to get a loan. This will be used to achieve the target and repay the loan. The business plan should include the company’s profile, type of business, target audience, various expenses, review of competitors, projected growth and strategy over the next 5 years.

A small business loan is the best way to understand the ability of a business to use its money. If used properly, the business will become bigger and more established. Businessmen should repay the loan on time, stay connected to its guidelines and the purpose of the loan should remain the same so that you do not deviate from the target. If the lender has found that you are following the procedure properly, then he will provide you further loans at lower rates.

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